Societatea Umanitara
"Vlad Octavian Gabriel"



Dear Ladies, members of Ladies Circle International

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Lorena Vlad and I am a member of Ladies Circle Romania and also The Vice-president of S.U.V.O.G. Foundation. My preoccupations, regarding the implementation in Romania, city Timisoara the Ladies’ circle motto: FRESH THINKING FOR THE FUTURE, was one of my great purpose. So, I tried to involve our foundation in different activities, as:

  • FUND-RAISING EVENTS , in collaboration with the local state authorities and other foundations with similar ideas

In collaboration with local authorities and representative of embassy of Germany,France, Serbia and Muntenegru, the foundation S.U.V.OG., Fact and Ladies Circle awarded fifty children from Timis district, which came from families with modest incomes, for special merits in study.

  • ARTISTIC EVENTS , in collaboration with other cultural foundations as Academic Cultural Foundation Timisoara (FACT)

We support the promotion of young teenagers with artistic qualities through organization of concerts and many other things.


Projects in work.

In collaboration with Iosefin Parish, Foundation S.U.V.O.G. and Ladies Circle Timisoara started a big project.



We thought at the old people and unhelped also. The support of these people involves a different project which we want to develop.We want to build a asylum for old people in Sanicolau Mare, Timis district..