The Foundation Humanitarian Society “Vlad Octavian Gabriel”

Is the founder of the project ”Districtual Network of social-medical and humanitarian Integrates Services ,for and at the residence of the persons disfavored and marginalized social-economical of Timis".

The place for the deroulement of this project is the county Timis : Timisoara city, the towns:Sannicolau Mare ,Lugoj, Buzias, Faget, Jimbolia and the villages:Giroc, Teremia, Varias.

The avowed purposes of this project are the followings:

-to initiate and develop in Timis county the first private network by integrated services social-medicals, including the residence ,network who will offer a packet a socialmedicals services complementaries(treatment ,transport, recovery and care at the residence for the marginalized persons ,or persons with specials problems and needs), persons who are not included in the services assistance of the state, or others ONG alike in Timis.

-prepare, specialize and instruct staff in the domain of integrated assistance socialmedical, at residence, who is priority for the medical staff fired(professional reconversion) or young graduates with social-medical studies. We hope that this network with complementary services creates jobs, informs ,question, and interview the families and the population of Timis county ,in humanitarian and social-medical problems ,initiate actions and voluntary activities for the benefit of the marginalized groups.

-specialize Non Governmental Organizations and voluntaries for the medical services of the project.

The present project is addressed to the old people, poor persons, poor families of the rural or urban backgrounds ,persons without dwellings, or persons without disabilities physiques or psychics ,women who are the victims of domestic violence ,children, but it is addressed too to the medical staffs fired, doctors, sociologist, students and individual voluntaries or organized in ONG




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